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Information on Yufuin and sightseeing

Information for sightseeing

This is information on the tourist spots recommended by the staff.
Please drop in.

Introduction of sightseeing spots

  • ~ If you want to see Mt Yufu ~

    • Mt Yufu

      ~ Mt Yufu ~

      Mt. Mt Yufu, which rises in the northeastern part of Yufuin an altitude of 1,584m, is known as "Bungo Fuji" because of its beautiful and majestic appearance with Sojiho.
      Since it appeared frequently in the NHK serial TV novel "Kaze no Haruka" that was broadcast in 2005, its name has become known nationwide.
      The famous peak that has been worshiped as a mountain of gods since ancient times and appears in "Bungo Fudoki" and "Manyoshu" is a popular mountain where mountain climbers, autumn leaves, hoarfrost and mountain climbers are endless all year round, and from the summit of Yufuin town. You can see the Beppu Bay, Kuju Mountain Range, etc.It is also one of the few mountains where you can experience the "Brocken phenomenon" in which when you stand against the sun, your shadow is hugely reflected in the clouds and fog in front and you can see the colored circles of light around it. .
    • Scenery / Yufuin Basin from Sagiridai

      ~ Sagiridai ~

      Prefectural road 11 running through the majestic mountains is known as one of the leading drive course Kyushu.Located on the way from Yufu City to Beppu City, "Sagiridai" is an observation spot where you can see the cityscape of Yufuin from an altitude of about 680m.
      The various mountain views of Mt. Mt Yufu surrounding the observatory are wonderful, and spring and summer with a beautiful contrast between the mountains and the sky, autumn with golden squirrels, and winter with a snowy landscape entertain us. I will.In particular, in the early morning of winter, you can sometimes see a fantastic Asagiri as the name "narrow fog".
      There are shops and toilets on the observatory, so you can use it as a rest spot during the drive.The surrounding area is a mountain road with curved roads, so please drive safely and enjoy the scenic drive course.
    • Yufuin Tourist Tsuji Wagon

      ~ Yufuin Tourist Tsuji Wagon ~

      Yufuin I walk in the town of Yufuin, I hear the sound of a horse hoof called Puckapakka, which I can hear from nowhere.It is a sightseeing horse-drawn carriage drawn by horses in the idyllic countryside.It started more than 30 years ago and is now a specialty of Yufuin tourism.
      This course starts in front of JR Yufuin Station and returns to the station via Foshan Temple, Unagi Nichijin Shrine, and takes about 50 minutes.While being blown by the gentle breeze, the horses swayed and you can see the beautiful scenery of Mt Yufu in the background.
      The popular Tsuji Wagon has a maximum capacity of 10, and it is often full, so book early.
  • ~ If you come in contact with nature ~

    • ~ Lake Kinrin(Kinrinko)~

      ~ Lake Kinrin(Kinrinko)~

      Lake Kinrin is one of the tourist attractions that represents Yufuin.
      Confucian scholar Kuso Mori, in the early Meiji (time period) era,
      Watch the fish scales swimming in the lake shine golden in the sunset
      It is said to have been named "Lake Kinrin".
      It is said that fresh water and hot springs are flowing into the lake,
      Because the water temperature is high throughout the year,
      In the early morning of winter, you can see the fantastic sight of steam rising from the lake surface.
    • Otsuki company(Oshasha)

      ~ Otsuki company(Oshasha)~

      “Okisha” is located about 1km south of Yufuin Station.
      The shrine stands quietly protected by a grove of cedar and is filled with mysterious air.The large cedar tree on the left side of the shrine is worshiped by locals as a sacred tree.It is said that the tree is over 1000 years old, the circumference of the root is about 14m, and the height of the trunk is about 35m.
      In addition, there is a hollow of about 5 square meters on the tatami mat on the back side of the trunk, and a statue is enshrined inside.You can't touch the tree directly to protect the Osugi, but there are things that will resonate even in the surroundings.
  • ~ If you want to visit history and culture ~

    • ~Foshan Temple(Busanji)~

      ~Foshan Temple(Busanji)~

      Foshan Temple, which is close to Lake Kinrin, is an old temple of the Rinzai sect surrounded by cedar and bamboo grove.
      About 1,000 years ago, it was said that it was the beginning when a god was told at the Kirishima Shrine in Hinata Kunijima (Miyazaki Prefecture) and a Kannon statue was engraved on the hillside of Mt Yufu.It has been popular since ancient times as a place of worship for the mountains of Mt Yufu.Sanmon has a nostalgic atmosphere with traditional thatched roofs, and is also known as a spot for autumn colors in autumn.There is a Zazen temple on the grounds of the precincts, and if you make a reservation, you can also experience Zazen and sutras. (Saturday and Sunday only)
      Ishigaki, which is in front of Foshan Temple, is a recommended walking spot.The temple is also a Tsuji carriage stop and one of the tourist attractions of Yufuin.
    • Unagi Hime Shrine (Rokushomiya) -Osugi-

      -Unagi Hime Shrine (Rokushomiya) -Unagihimejinja(Rokushogu)

      The Unagi Himejinja Shrine (Unagi Himejinja) is called "Rokushogu" because it is called "Rokushogu" because the six pillars including the national standing priest are the deities. It is a shrine that has been more popular with locals.
      Yufuin was a swamp with ruins since the Yayoi period.
      It has been said that people have been worried about flood control since the land was reclaimed for a long time due to the continuous battle with water.
      Therefore, it is said that "Unagi Nichime" was the origin of the shrine that enshrines the animal "eel" as the spirit of Sawanuma.
      You can also see the stump of the sacred tree where the cedar trees grew naturally in the wide precincts and the typhoon collapsed it.
      It is also a stop for “Tsuji Horse-drawn carriage” and “Scarborough” and is one of the tourist attractions of Yufuin.About a 15-minute walk, there is Okisha, the last shrine outside the precincts, which has a 1,000-year-old Osugi tree.
  • ~ If you buy souvenirs ~

    • ~ Yunotsubo Kaido Street ~

      ~ Yunotsubo Kaido Street ~

      Mt Yufu Yunotsubo Kaido Street at the foot of Mt Yufu.
      There are many souvenir shops along the street, selling souvenirs such as yuzu gyosho, and restaurants where you can enjoy local gourmet foods such as toriten.
      Along the Oita River, just off the street, is a recommended walking spot where you can enjoy the scenery of each season, and you can experience the unique atmosphere of Yufuin, such as the idyllic rural scenery.
      Due to the narrow road, please use the paid parking lot when visiting by car.
    • Road Station Yufuin

      Roadside station Yufuin, which is very close to Yufuin IC, is in a perfect location with Mt. Mt Yufu in front of you.
      On the premises, there is a direct sale place of agricultural products that sells special products and processed products such as vegetables and fruits of Yufu City, a local area, a product hall, a dining room, and a light meal corner.As a souvenir, we recommend sweets made from silkie eggs from Shonai Town!  For the sake lovers, the rare lees-making shochu made by Yaka Sake Brewery, which is famous in the prefecture, is popular.Both are original products of Yufuin Road Station.
      If you're hungry, try the Oita prefecture's specialty log shiitake tempura.Simple tempura made with large and thick shiitake mushrooms and seasoned with salt and pepper is addictive once you eat it!
      The adjacent road information center provides maps and tourist information around the roadside station.There is no trash can on the premises, so please take it home with you.
    • Roll cake


      A specialty store for roll cakes in Yufuin.
      Selected as the best inn in Japan by national survey of major travel agencies
      Sanso Murata, a ryokan in Yufuin Onsen, spreads across Japan
      It opened in 1999 as a pioneer roll cake specialty store.
      It is a rustic roll cake with a mild sweetness.

      Wanting to make a snack for local Yufuin children
      It started with my thoughts.
      Baked with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar and eggs
      Considering the balance between dough and fresh cream,
      So that you can eat deliciously until the last bite,
      Each one is handmade with sincerity.