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Koto no Kashin
An inn where you can relax like your own home: 100% private source

【Official】Koto no Kashin


Koto no Kashin 1976, Koto no Kashin, was involved in Yamanami sightseeing taxi, Sagiri sightseeing and Yufuin sightseeing.
In line with the opening of the Oita Expressway (Yufuin - Beppu) in July 1989
We opened "Koto no Kashin" and walked along with the development of Yufuin.

The origin of the name Koto no Kashin the Koto no Kashin
Genji the battle between Genji and Heike, the people of the Heike family lived in Yufuin,
In addition, from the thought that it is an old city with a history, such as the cemetery of hidden Christians,
I wanted to keep that name, so I named it "Koto no Kashin".

We hope all of our employees will be happy and pleased with our customers.
We will welcome you.
Thank you for Koto no Kashin of the Koto no Kashin.

Go To Travel Campaign

  • Go To Travel Campaign/Reservation/Application

    ★For guests staying from 22 July to 31 August
    ・Customers who book at regular prices are required to apply for a subsequent refund.
    ・If you have made a reservation from the travel site with advance card payment, please contact each reservation site.
    *For more information, please visit the Official GoTo Travel website.
    *Those who have already reserved at a discounted rate do not need to apply.

    ★For guests planning to stay after September 1st
    ・Please make a reservation from the applicable travel reservation site.
    ・Please make sure that you have a maximum of 35% off at the time of booking, then proceed to confirm your reservation.
    ・Telephone reservation is not applicable.Please understand.
  • Facility certification for Go To Travel campaign

    Thank you for visiting our hotel.
    Regarding this facility, we will declare that we will implement the following efforts as a countermeasure for new type coronavirus infectious disease when participating in the Go To Travel business.
    *This facility is a campaign target facility.
  • = New coronavirus infectious disease measures =

    1. At the check-in time, we will take face-to-face measures such as face-to-face contact, and all travelers will be subject to temperature measurements and representative identity verification.

    2. We check the physical condition of travelers such as thermometers, and if there is a fever or a cold symptom, consult the public health center including weekends and take appropriate measures.

    3. Regarding the use of shared facilities such as bathhouses and eating facilities, we will establish a limit on the number of people and a time limit, and thoroughly implement 3 measures against congestion.

    4. We will provide individual meals, and will take thorough measures to prevent meals, such as spacing seats.

    5. Thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common spaces such as guest rooms and elevators in this facility.

    6. The staff will wear a mask to serve you.

Yufu City hospitality coupon handling facility

  • Yufu City Hospitality Coupon

    The Yufu City Omotenashi Coupon is a regional coupon of 2,000 yen (1,000 yen tickets x 2) per person per night for adults 18 years or older staying at Yufu City accommodation. ..
    This facility is a target inn, and we will distribute 2,000 yen per person.
    *Please understand that the distribution will end as soon as it is gone.

    It can be used at facilities where gift certificates can be used in Yufu City.
    It can be used at facilities with the same display as this image.
    *For details, please see the Yufu City Official website.

    ◆Expiration Date:Until December 27, 2019

~ Recommended plan this facility ~

  • 【Steak Plan】A Little Luxury☆Dinner is Bungo Beef steak main!

    A new steak plan has arrived!

    ......  ☆ A Little Bit Luxurious♪ Steak Plan ☆......

    Dinner is Bungo Beef steak main Kaiseki☆
    The main Kaiseki is Bungo Beef steak, recommended for those who like meat!



Google Map

Hotel Name

Koto no Kashin


1018-7 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes by car from Yufuin IC

■We do not have transportation services.Please understand.

■Free parking is available before and after check-in.It is also ideal as a tourist base.
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Inside this facility

  • ■Front desk■

    This is a newly built front desk.
    It was renewed in 2019.
    Please check in and check out at the front desk.
  • ■Dining■

    Both breakfast and dinner will be served at the restaurant "Hydrangea".

    Meal time Dinner/From 18:00 Breakfast/From 8:00
  • ■Private hot water(Open Air Bath/Semi open-air bath)■

    ●Tsubaki-no-yu available 24 Tsubaki-no-yu
    Tsubaki-no-yu open-air bath.
    A private open-air bath for guests only.
    You can bathe overnight from check-in.
    ・Open Hours:From 15:00 to 10:00 the next morning

    Azami-no-yu semi-open-air bath.
    This is a private bath exclusively for hotel guests.
    *Please note that Azami-no-yu has a fixed usage time.
    ・Open Hours:From 15:00 to 24:00, next morning from 6:00 to 10:00
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Reservations and Inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.